Who Am i?

My background & why I started a gaming blog

My name is Eldinn and I welcome you all to my website! I am a fourth year finance student currently wrapping up my last year at SFU. I’ve geared my website to be focused on the gaming world. However, being a Finance student has inspired me to also talk about the business side of gaming and how it has evolved over the years. Gaming has always been a hobby of mine. I’ve played a plethora of games throughout my life and I hope to share my experiences with you all!


Why "All Aboutz kovy"?

I had to come up with a gamertag for my xbox live account back when I was a little kid. Back then, I was still playing hockey and my favourite players were Alex Ovechkin and Ilya Kovalchuk. I then combined the last name of these two players into “Kovechkin”. Through the people I’ve met online, I’ve always gone with this name, despite people knowing my real name. Eventually, I changed it to “All AbOuTz Kovy”. This is because my online friends would start calling me “Kovy” and the “All About” part is meant to signify my skill level, which in my opinion is above average, therefore no matter what game I play, our chances of winning is “All About” me because if I do well, then we will win. See what I did there? 

Vision Board

For my vision board, I knew what my website was going to be revolved around, but I wanted to make it interesting and I wanted it to spark conversations about the video game industry as a whole. Apart from the assignments from class, this website will be geared towards the discussion of the video game industry as a whole. I will be picking some of the big-name titles, doing my personal game review son them, along with analyzing how that company specifically has decided to implement their in game micro transactions, along with a final verdict. I want to be able to illustrate to my audience how the video game industry has changed over the past decade, and how money hungry some of them are. By the end of the semester, I hope I can get my audience thinking about how these unethical, business models can translate to other sectors of the entertainment industry. One main area of focus will be micro transactions, which are in game purchases a player can make. So, why is it now that when we buy a game, we have to pay more to obtain in game items? Why can’t we just earn them in game? I hope my audience can see through my illustrations of work that the unethical practices that are going on in the gaming industry, may be used by another big name company in another industry. 

If reading isn’t for you, then you can also check out my gaming YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/Allboutzkovy

Some of the assignments I have done in this class will be uploaded there!